The Lipstick Campaign Podcast, episode 1

In the first episode, Tara and Marianne grab some coffee and chat about the origins of The Lipstick Campaign, how The Lord brought them together in this journey, and who they, your hosts, are!


  • The music for our podcast is provided by Andy Zipf, who you can find here.
  • Marianne & Tara are both a part of the Influence Network, a place where you can connect with other women and find community and help in using your influence right where you are!
  • Marianne mentions Lean In, an organization founded by Sheryl Sandberg about women, work, and leading. She also mentions the Influence Podcast Episode with Kat Lee, where Kat talks about how unique we all are in the context of the entire history of the world, and that no one that will ever or has ever existed that will be just like you or have what you have to offer.
  • Tara's husband, Michael can be found here, at Let There Be Blog.
  • Some images to feast your eyes on.... Baby Olive, Steve the Mastiff (with one of the kitties), and some Japanese White Peaches!
AuthorTara Sanders