The Lipstick Campaign is an effort to send womenkind everywhere a message that YOU ARE ENOUGH in The Lord.  We desire to see women find their true identity in Christ and to live that out in the day to day. Through this podcast, we hope to engage women everywhere in authentic conversations that make you laugh, cry, and inspire you to live out your own dreams and gifts to their fullest potential. 

The co-founders of The Lipstick Campaign, Marianne & Tara (Photos coming soon!),  began their friendship over their shared passion for social justice. In time, they discovered that they also both loved coffee, antiquing, and all things creative. That was several years ago. Little did they know that God would later present them with the opportunity to turn their collective dreams into reality...

Marianne (@whitepeachpottery) is a native to Northern Virginia who enjoys growing her own veggies, travel, and showing hospitality to others. She appreciates estate sales, country drives, anything handmade, and a good cup of coffee. An interesting fact about Marianne is that she has raised 8 breeds of praying mantises from around the world. She is a ceramic artist and owner of White Peach Pottery where she creates ceramic pieces that are both useful and beautiful. In her spare time she loves spending time with her husband, 200 lb. mastiff, 2 kitties, and friends. 

Tara (@vintageandsoul) is originally from New York and is accustomed to italian food, thick accents, and walking fast. She loves singing and writing...oh, and a good dance party. An interesting fact about Tara is that she has journaled every year of her life since the 8th grade. Tara is a wife and stay-at-home-part-time-working mommy. She writes about her  adventures in antiquing, motherhood, and everything in between on her blog called Vintage & Soul. 

Have a listen to episode 001 to learn more.