The Lipstick Campaign Podcast Episode 006

In this episode Marianne tells her life story. Listen to hear about her adoption, her first kiss, Her experience living in Japan, how she met her husband, and other tidbits!

Show Notes/Life Pictures:

  • Marianne was adopted as an infant to a wonderful mom and dad!
  • She grew up riding horses and spent summers digging in her grandmother's garden and making friends at sleep away camp.
  • During college Marianne was drawn towards missions after hearing Gary Haugen, of International Justice Mission speak about God's view on injustice. If you're interested in hearing more about that, she suggests visiting the IJM Website and checking out his book 'Good News About Injustice'.


  • Marianne tells a story about serving in Indonesia, where she worked with college students, learned to scuba dive, and encountered a yellow-lipped sea krait. If you're interested in sea kraits you can watch one in action and see why Marianne was so taken with them here.
  • Marianne mentions several scriptures that brought her through a time of darkness and depression after serving overseas. The scriptures she shares are:
    • Isaiah 8:12-13
    • Mark 5:36
    • Proverbs 14:26-27
    • 2 Corinthians 10:5
    • 2 Samuel 22


  • Marianne met her husband, Jamie, in September 2007 while working in the coffee industry. They proceeded to bond over a shared love of sweets, road trips, and daily adventures, getting married in March 2009! Now they spend their time working, practicing hospitality, and travelling whenever they get the chance.

AuthorTara Sanders