The Lipstick Campaign Podcast - episode 008, Shanna Noel

Show Notes:


  • Kal Bartesky, who did the script for the Illustrated Faith logo can be found here.


  • Shanna & Marianne talk about their Midori Traveller's Notebooks, which you can find on Amazon here, as well as at many smaller stationery stores online.


  • The Bible that Shanna and Marianne use is the "ESV Journalling Bible", which comes in single or double column text. The single column is on Amazon here.


  • The quote Shanna mentions finding on Pinterest is "A Bible that's falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't", and it was said by Charles H. Spurgeon.


  • Marianne mentions having taken the "Perspectives in World Missions" class, and thinks that everyone should try to take this class at some point! The video she references of chinese believers receiving their first Bibles is here:
  • Shanna and Marianne are both members of The Influence Network, and will be at their conference this year. Check them out if you haven't, and consider going to the conference!


AuthorTara Sanders