The Lipstick Campaign Podcast - Episode 007: Tara Sanders

In this episode Tara tells us her life story, including (but not limited to!) how she breaks all of the coffee equipment in her house,  moving from NY to NH to NC, how her faith in Christ has evolved from legalism to freedom, and how she's watched God weave the many strands of her life together to bring her exactly where He wants her!

Show Notes:

  • Tara mentions growing up in NY and then moving to Nashua, NH next to the quaint, farming town of Hollis, NH, pictured below.
  • She also attributes Gospel Bill with leading to her salvation! You can find tons of Gospel Bill episodes on YouTube, too, if you're interested.
  • Tara's good friend Rian passed away from cancer at a young age, which was a formative experience for Tara. 
  • Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as Cru, was instrumental in helping Tara form a faith of her own, based on grace and freedom in Christ.


  • Tara's favorite way to make coffee at the moment? With her Bialetti Moka pot!
  • The night Michael and Tara met at Mie N Yu in Georgetown. We're not even kidding, this is literally a pic taken 30 minutes after they met!
AuthorTara Sanders